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We are a small company designing and building solutions to customer problems. Most recently focusing on supporting Art in Chocolate , a fabulous NJ based chocolatier.

Current Solution

Living with a perfectionist chocolatier has many challenges but it also creates lots of opportunities for innovation!

The currently available design aims to solve a problem faced by many chocolatiers:

“How can I hold these moulds while I work with them!”

Answer: Grips

These plastic grips are designed to permanently glue into the supporting ribs of a chocolate bonbon mould, providing a small ridge for your finger to grip onto, sigificantly reducing hand fatigue and the chance of dropping the mould!


These grips are available in packs of 30 to discerning chocolatiers, with priority given to members of the Instagram: chocychatcrew set up by Chef James

Grips are now available in 5 sizes. The ‘Original - M’ have been proven on: Chef Jungstedt #1, Chocolate World 2373, 2295, 2116 and 2372, Implast 539 and should fit similar moulds.

Grip Sizes

Follow this link for Instructions

Grips have been shipped to 8 countries so far:


To Order Grips - please contact me via  Email: or Instagram Direct Message

Coming Soon

Continuing the chocolate theme, there are 2 designs that should be released shortly, one being a cocoa butter ‘silk’ making machine. The beta version of this machine can be seen on this site’s first page and has been working well for the last 6 months. For Version 1 we just need some cosmetic improvements and refinements to the production process.